Children Learning Reading Review 2020: Does This Really Work?

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As a parent, you already have a whole lot on your plate. After all, keeping your children safe and healthy is a No. 1 priority. Moreover, helping your children prepare for the future is crucial as well.

With increasing populations across the world, coupled with increasingly fewer job opportunities, ensuring that your child has a high-quality education is critical.

For any child, one of the best ways to prepare them for the future is by helping them become fully literate at a young age.

Sure, teaching your children how to walk and how to use the toilet are some of the first things to be done. However, after that, teaching them how to read and write is generally next on the list.

There are many studies which have concluded that teaching children to read and write at a young age is important to their overall success in the future.

Generally speaking, the earlier you teach your children how to read, the better off they will be. That being said, teaching your children how to read on your own can be a really big challenge.

This is why you might be interested in Children Learning Reading, a specialized program to help teach children how to read and write at an early age.

This is a program that was created by a man named Jim Yang, a father of four young children, all of whom have high literacy levels, and it all seems to be thanks to the Children Learning Reading program.

The results appear to be very good, and it’s why we are reviewing the Children Learning Reading program, so you can find out what it is about, and how it can help take your children’s literacy to the next level.

Here you will find what this education program can teach your kids, what its benefits are, and much more.

What is the Children Learning Reading Program?

The Children Learning Reading program was developed by Jim and Elena Yang, and they designed it to teach their own children how to read at a very young age. The goal of this educational reading program is to teach kids how to read before they reach 3 years of age.

Children Learning Reading features a comprehensive learning curriculum that comes with simple step-by-step tutorials that can teach your children the basics of reading.

It’s important to note that although this program is very comprehensive, it is also simple enough for even the youngest of children to follow and grasp with relative ease.

Children Learning Reading uses two main concepts to help teach your children to read. The first is phonemics, and the second is phonics. It’s all about increasing the developmental phonemic awareness of children to increase their reading skills quickly and effectively.

Phonemic awareness is a very interesting concept, as it is something that can teach children how to read, interpret, and pronounce written words with great efficiency.

Something to keep in mind is that Children Learning Reading is technically designed for children between the ages of two and six. However, we suppose that it could realistically be used for a wider age group as well.

The main point is that Children Learning Reading is designed with the children in mind. By this, we mean that everything is presented on a level that makes it easy for children to grasp.

We all know that children can quickly get frustrated, so having everything presented in an easy-to-understand and step-by-step manner is an integral part to the overall success of this program. However, just as an example, with Children Learning Reading, kids will be able to recognize every letter of the alphabet.

Once a child can recognize every letter, the next step is to teach them the relation between each of the letters and the specific sounds that they make, something that we will touch on in greater detail later on in this Children Learning Reading review.

children learning reading

What You Can Expect from the Children Learning Reading Program

In a nutshell, what you can expect from the Children Learning Reading program is a comprehensive reading educational course that is divided into two main stages or modules. These stages are designed to complement each other, with the second stage building on the knowledge learned in the first stage.

There are a total of 50 lessons contained in this Children Learning Reading program, with the first stage consisting of 28 lessons, and the second stage consisting of 22 lessons.

The first stage is the much easier stage of the two, and it’s all about learning the basic building blocks of reading. It starts out very simple by teaching your children the basic concepts of reading – such as learning the alphabet, associating the sounds that each letter makes with the image of that same letter, and other such basics.

Once children have learned the alphabet and the sounds which the letters make, they should then be able to easily transition onto slightly more complex material, such as learning short words, then some more complicated and longer words, and then even full sentences and rhyming words. Although everything is designed to be easy to grasp, if you stick with the program, your child should progress fairly rapidly.

Then we have the second stage, which is designed to feed off of all the knowledge learned in the first stage. The second stage is a fair bit more challenging than the first, but after all, the point is to advance the child’s reading skills quickly.

Using the knowledge gained in the first stage, the second stage of this reading program aims to teach children all about letter combinations and the sound which these combinations make. There are also many more advanced words, rhymes, sentences, and more.

To sum it up, Children Learning Reading starts out by teaching your children the most fundamental and basic aspects of reading, particularly in stage one. It moves onto some of the more difficult aspects of reading in stage two, which builds on the knowledge acquired in stage one.

It starts by teaching letters, then the sounds which letters make, then it teaches the letter combinations and the sounds they make, followed by whole words, then rhyming words, and finally full sentences. As you can see, Children Learning Reading is perfectly structured to take your child from a place where they cannot read at all, to a place where they can easily read full sentences.

However, something we do need to note is that the Children Learning Reading program is not going to be a viable option for children that cannot yet speak. Children should be able to speak, at least to a certain degree, in order to be able to take full advantage of this high-quality reading course.

What Children Learning Reading Teaches Your Child

In case you are wondering what your children will learn through this program, and in what order they will learn it in, we have a comprehensive list of everything that is covered in the Children Learning Reading program.

  • Phonics – learning the connection between letters and the sounds that those letters make
  • Increasing a child’s reading ability, as well as reading fluency
  • It’s all about providing children with a fast, easy, and relatively short learning process
  • Learning about blending letters, or in other words, letter combinations and the sounds that those letter combinations make
  • Children Learning Reading also introduces your children to the concepts of phonics and phonemes
  • It will also convey the basic building blocks of learning literacy
  • It then moves onto teaching your children very short and basic words, followed by more complex words
  • Much of the learning involves fun activities that your kids will enjoy. Of course, learning how to read is much easier when it is actually fun and entertaining
  • Your children will then also learn about digraphs, followed by simple short stories, rhymes, and more

How Children Benefit from Children Learning Reading

Some people may think that teaching children how to read at a very young age is not very important. After all, kids will be kids, and playing games and watching TV is more than good enough for the first few years of their life, right?

No, unfortunately, this is not the case. Simply put, basic reading and literacy skills are crucial for kids to learn at a young age, and it’s all about giving them an advantage.

There are many benefits associated with teaching children basic literacy skills at a young age, so let’s take a look at these benefits.

The younger kids are when they start learning how to read, the faster they will develop.

Utilizing their minds and forcing them to think on their feet at such a young age will spur on the development of their young and soft minds, thus allowing them to learn other things much easier in the future.

What has also been also shown is that children who learn to read at a young age also tend to have much better focus and concentration, especially when they start school.

Since children already had to sit through lessons on reading, it therefore also helped them to practice their concentration and focusing skills.

There are also many academic studies which show that children who learn to read and write at a very young age also tend to have higher levels of self-confidence. Of course, being a self-confident human being is integral to all forms of success in the future.

All these factors will also influence your children’s social skills. If they are more confident, better able to read, and able to easily communicate their feelings and ideas, they will also have better social skills, particularly when it comes to communicating with others.

When all is said and done, Children Learning Reading will help provide your child with the ability to learn more in life. The earlier children learn to read, the earlier they can begin learning other concepts, whether story writing and telling, or whatever else.

Simply put, the earlier kids learn how to read, the earlier they can move onto bigger and better things, thus providing your children with an academic advantage over those who waited until the start of school to learn how to read.

The final things that we want to note is that technically speaking, Children Learning Reading targets five main areas that are critical to the early stages of a child’s development. These five main target areas are psychological, neurological, social, education, and linguistic skills.

Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading – Pros and Cons

As is the case with any sort of educational program, and with any product that you might spend your money on, the Children Learning Reading program comes with both advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at these.


What stands out about this program is that each of the lessons are designed to be short and to the point. Children have very limited attention spans, so ensuring that the lessons are effective, yet short enough to keep a child’s attention, is something that Children Learning Reading has done very well.

Another benefit is that the Children Learning Reading program is structured in a very simple-to-understand manner. Of course, when kids first start out learning how to read, they need easy-to-understand material, or else they will get bored and may become demoralized.

This program is designed in such a way that kids can learn the basics with ease, and then quickly move onto the more complex aspects.

Through the use of phenomes and phonics, children can learn to read and write much faster than other children, such as children learning how to read from a normal school.

What also stands out about the Children Learning Reading Program is how kids really seem to have fun while taking the course. Fun learning is easy learning, and it’s something that helps kids stay on track.

What you may never have thought about is that this program also involves the parents to a large degree. It’s all about teaching your kids and interacting with them, something that will help strengthen the bond between you and your child.

The other thing, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Children Learning Reading, particularly for the parents, is that it is quite affordable. In fact, this is one of the most affordable reading educational programs out there, and when all is said and done, you’ll end up spending less than $100 on it.


Unfortunately, for the most part, Children Learning Reading is strictly an online program, which means that you need a good internet connection.

If you have trouble accessing a steady internet connection, using this program will be a real challenge. Yes, there are some physical books, but they are not nearly as comprehensive as the full online version.

As we touched on above, this program has a lot to do with the parents as well. If you are a busy parent, dedicating a fair amount of time to this program may not be possible for you. We understand that parents have to work and support your children financially as well.

Remember that results differ. Some kids pick up on this material very quickly, whereas others do not. Simply put, there is no 100% guarantee that your kids will be able to grasp all of the material contained in this course. Different children learn at different rates.

Finally, the other disadvantage is that your children need to be able to speak to use the Children Learning Reading program.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that when it comes to high-quality reading educational programs for children, Children Learning Reading does seem to be one of the absolute best ones out there.

From what we can tell, it contains all of the knowledge that your children require to be perfectly literate by the time they start their school career.

The program is well structured, with a gradual yet speedy incline from the very most basic aspects of reading, all the way up to the most difficult. Everything is designed to be easy to grasp, and to be fun for the child as well.

If your kids cannot speak yet, this this may not be the right program for them but remember that kids all learn at a different age, so when your child does learn to speak, it’s the perfect time to introduce them to the Children Learning Reading program.

children learning reading

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